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The Sysco Metro NY Business Resource Team The Sysco Metro NY Business Resource Team

---- Chef Salvatore (large) Michael Hedden
Director of Business Resources

Mike holds a BS in Hospitality Management from Johnson & Wales. In 1994 he started his career as a Sysco Marketing Associate. Mike held the positions of District Sales Manager and Regional Sales Manager. He assumed the position as our Director of Business Resources in November 2015.

---- Chef Tripodi (large)Chef Luigi Tripodi
COP - Protein Specialist
Chef Tripodi is a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America. Upon graduation, Chef Tripodi apprenticed at some of the finest French Restaurants in New York City. Chef Tripodi then served as the corporate chef for Black Bay restaurants in Boston. He then was executive chef at many fine restaurants and was corporate chef for the NY Metropolitan Museum of Art before joining Sysco as an MA and then as an Executive Chef. Luigi is prescently serving as a Center-of-the Plate/Protein Specialist.
---- Chef Dower (large)Chef Randy Shore Dower
Executive Chef
Chef Dower is a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America. She has worked as a garde manger with the Regency Hotel and as a pastry chef in several locations including Le Graneville and at Marriott B & I's before joining Sysco first as a MA, then as a Protein Specialist and finally as an Executive Chef. 
---- Chef Paul (large)Chef Paul Deckenbach
Executive Chef
Paul is a graduate of The Academy of Culinary Arts in Mays Landing, New Jersey. Prior to his culinary education he worked as a dishwasher, prep cook and line cook beginning while he was still in high school. Since graduation he has worked as an Executive Chef in restaurants, hotels, corporate dining, conference centers and private country clubs before coming to Sysco Metro NY as an Executive Chef.
---- Beth (large)Beth Dobra
Business Review Specialist
Beth has held many positions at Sysco Metro NY from Credit Manager to Executive Administrative Assistant. For the past several years she has developed our @Table program along with our Culinary Department to host Customer visits and explore new opportunities for our customer base. Beth’s culinary skills as well as her expertise with Sysco’s many programs has helped many customers grow their business.
Neal Callanan
Neal has over 40 years’ experience in food service industry beginning at B&C Smith, a traditional food service equipment distributer.  Neal joined Ritter Food Corporation in 1990; his job responsibilities included training Ritter’s sales force in selling kitchen equipment, tableware, small-wares, and janitorial supplies. He went on to manage the food service supplies department for sales of S&E, chemical and disposable product lines and moved up to Marketing Manager, Non Foods in 2001. In 2010 he became the Supplies on the Fly Champion and works with Marketing Associates and customers to increase sales of non-foods.

John Grindlinger
Marketing Manager
Coming from a background in the paper and chemical industry, John joined Sysco in 1992 as the Sysco Brand Manager. He moved into his current position of Marketing Manager in 2001. John is responsible for marketing efforts within our in-house sales department as well as customer facing promotions and events such as our annual food show. He is an experienced graphic artist and produces many of our publications and online marketing materials, videos and photography.  In addition, John has been a certified ServSafe instructor since 1995 and regularly teaches this state of the art food safety class. John has a BA from George Washington University as well as a Masters of Fine Arts from the University of Southern California. 
Lori Mimnaugh
Marketing Operations Analyst
Lori joined Sysco in 1998 working in the Marketing Department. Lori works extensively with our Broker/Supplier network coordinating sales meetings, foods shows, training as well as promotions. Lori performs the tracking function of all promotions, sales spiffs and trade shows as well as providing support services to Sales, Merchandising and of course, Marketing..


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