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What is S.A.V.E.?

S.A.V.E. is an acronym for SYSCO Allowances for Volume Earnings.  The S.A.V.E. Program was designed to help our "independent" operators lower their food cost with off-invoice allowances provided by our suppliers.  S.A.V.E. is a tool aimed at leveling the playing field between franchises and independent operators. 

How does the program work?  S.A.V.E.
SYSCO Metro NY has negotiated allowances from the manufacturers.  These allowances are deducted directly off of our customers invoice and labeled as SAVE.  It’s as simple as purchasing the items on the program and saving money off invoice.  Customers that complete Business Reviews are automatically enrolled in the S.A.V.E. program.

SYSCO Rewards Customer Loyalty Program

Summary of the SYSCO Rewards Program

-There is no work required on the customer’s part to file for the rebates as required with coupons and other rebate programs, all customers are enrolled automatically at the end of each quarter.

-The check stub provides each customer with a detailed breakdown by supplier of the total amount of the check.

-The purpose of the program is to help independent restaurant customers succeed and help selected suppliers grow by providing rebates to customers based upon their actual purchases of a supplier’s products.

The minimum dollar amount for quarterly checks is $50. Customers will be paid in a subsequent quarter when the cumulative amount of their check exceeds $50.  a rebate value less than $50 will only roll forward once.

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