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ServSafe Training ServSafe Training
Food safety is more important than ever.  News headlines tell the story every day. Public concern about food safety has never been greater. Each highly publicized incident of food bourne illness deals a blow to the public's confidence in our industry.

Sysco Metro New York, in conjunction with The Education Foundation of the National Restaurant Association is proud to offer ServSafe® certification seminars. This is a program created by the Educational Foundation of the National Restaurant Association. It is a two day seminar built on the ServSafe® Serving Safe Food program. SYSCO is an industry leader where Food Safety is concerned. Classes will be held monthly at our facility in Jersey City. Our certified ServSafe Instructor, John Grindlinger has been a ServSafe instructor since 1995 holding monthly classes at our facility.

NOTE: Beginning with the July 2012 class, ServSafe Volume 6 will be introduced featuring key points of the 2011 FDA Model Food Code.

Sweeping reforms to New Jersey State Health Code now requires a Nationally recognized Food Safety Certification for over 50,000 state restaurants and foodservice establishments. ServSafe is accepted by the state to fulfill that requirement. Classes are filling up fast. Register now or contact your Marketing Associate for more information or call 201-433-2000 ext. 2859. To view the new state requirements click here to view Chapter 24 of the New Jersey Health Code.

Key Points

The Flow of Food - Purchasing through preparation and serving, including storing and serving leftovers.

HACCP - Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points - A common sense approach to cooking and serving food. Developed by NASA to provide the safest handling procedures for preparing food.

Time and Temperature controls - The right way to cook, hold, and cool foods that best prevents the growth of harmful microorganisms.

Personal Hygiene, Facilities Sanitation and Maintenance - The proper way to clean and keep the food service facility sanitary.

For more information about the Educational Foundation of the National Restaurant Association Click Here
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